Distributing value virtually & globally – usable anywhere in the world.


Technology serving the masses.

Interlapse is creating technology for a digital economy to scale across the world. Beginning with the next revolution of commerce, virtual currency has become more than a commodity. Distribution of virtual currency is the first step into our digital economy. The use cases start to flourish once people start holding new global currencies that can be spent anywhere in the world.

Wayne Chen, CEO

  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Buy cryptocurrencies with ease.

    Coincurve is a virtual currency, digital brokerage, based in Canada

    • Enables mass adoption of new buyers to the digital currency market
    • Allows for quick, small purchase amounts with FIAT
    • No signup required
    • Collects minimal information
    • Low, affordable prices
    • Scalable worldwide
    • Only sells “utility” digital currencies


  • Ion Mining - Cryptocurrency mining operation
  • White Label Platform

    A turnkey, licensed API solution that allows any businesses to sell digital currencies

    • Licensed API services to other businesses
    • Customizable user interface for branding
    • Proprietary back-office tool
    • Supports all utility digital currencies

    Coming Soon

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