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Blockchain Solutions with Utility.

  • Banking the Unbanked

    In a world where 2 billion people are underbanked, virtual currencies can improve living standards. It allows individuals to create an efficient and scalable financial alternative to traditional banking.

  • Store-of-Value

    Wealth is being transversed into alternate holdings. Virtual currencies now have an important store-of-value as every other asset class in the world. These values will continue to see growth over the next decade.

  • Efficiency

    Currency is now more than what is in the bank. Virtual currency, allows for greater control and portability over your money. You can transact with it 24/7 at minimal cost without a central authority.

Circulating share supply: 8,672,822
Maximum share supply: 10,037,822

Our Mission

Interlapse is engineering technologies to power future generations, in commerce and life.

The value of wealth has transversed into many alternative holdings such as bitcoin, gold or virtual rewards (e.g. in games).  For the new generation, currency is more than what’s in the bank.

Today, experiences, learning and wealth are acquired both in the physical and the digital worlds. Interlapse fuels this expansion with more opportunities for our – and future – generations.  Interlapse is creating a world that stitches our daily activities into a commercialized environment where leisure blends with business and prosperity.

  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Our Products

    Strategies that ensure proactive domination.

    Coincurve, beta launched in 2018, brings useful, fast virtual currencies to the masses while supporting valuable and decentralized blockchains. And Interlapse has new ideas and companies in the pipeline…stay tuned.

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  • Our Leadership
  • Leadership

    Believers with experience.

    Bold, passionate and genuine team chemistry build real value through each stage of growth.

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