Accelerating the global mega trend of virtual currency adoption.

Interlapse is poised for rapid growth across one of the most important and extraordinary investment trends of the century.

Why Virtual Currencies?

  • Bank the Unbanked

    In a world where 1.7 billion people are unbanked, virtual currencies can dramatically improve living standards. It allows individuals to have more earning capability and create a powerful, cost effective, personal financial platform.

  • Store-of-Value

    Wealth is shifting into alternate holdings. Virtual currencies now have an important store-of-value as every other asset class in the world. With global adoption, these values will continue to see growth over the next decade.

  • Efficiency

    Money is being reinvented and transformed. Virtual currency allows for much greater control over your money. You can send, receive and transact with it twenty-four hours a day at minimal cost without a central authority.

Shares outstanding: 30,683,189
Fully diluted shares: 37,117,401

Our Mission

Empower the Next Generation of Wealth, Finance and Lifestyle.  

Virtual currency is a new form of money.  A layer of breakthrough technology that enables peer-to-peer trust on the Internet.

This has created significant global business opportunities, particularly for alternative wealth and decentralized finance.

Combined with demographics, the demand for alternative financial solutions is an unstoppable mega-trend over the next decade and beyond.

  • Our products - Coincurve
  • Our Products

    A Scalable Virtual Currency Platform.

    Coincurve provides customers with a simple, safe way to buy, spend and transfer virtual currency. It also enables merchants with proprietary back-office tools, banking services, payment solutions.

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  • Our Leadership
  • Leadership

    Believers with experience.

    Bold, passionate and genuine team chemistry build real value through each stage of growth.

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